March 12, 2011

"WELCOME" pennant garlands

Sweet couple from church plan to leave Easter weekend to bring home their new son & two daughters. The bedrooms have been finished for a few months. I wanted to make a little something for each child.

Juan's new room has black furniture with cowboy accents. His quilt has a bit of bandana fabric in it. I cut me some rope & rustled up this critter:

(The pennants are backed with red flannel,)

The girls' room is pink, of course.

I threaded my big ol' doll needle with white ribbon for Angie's garland:
Tied me some pretty lil' white bows...
I made the letter appliqué and back of pennant from pink gingham:

(Ingrid's garland has pink ribbon)
Hardest part was deciding how "girlie" to make them...

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