March 16, 2011

Golden Oldie "Moldy"

I do believe I'm the only crafter in blog-land who's not up-cycled our bathroom mirrors with gorgeous crown molding & such. There's a very good explanation for that: my husband & oldest son are 5'19" (do the math...) and would like to see their mugs in said bathroom mirrors.
I'm also probably the only one who hasn't "crown-molded-up" all available walls/ceilings. There's also a logical excuse for that: the architecture of our house has dust catchers plant shelves & angled/vaulted ceilings in every room of the house. (with the exception of the hall bath & master w.c.) That's way too much mitring/math calculations for me!

What's a girl to do with her in-bred pent-up desire to beautify her home with molding?
About 9 years ago I had a cobalt dilemma. I was running out of display space for some of my beautiful bottles. I also needed to craft a valance to cover my roll-up shade for the huge window over my garden tub.

I wanted it to look like an antique I just framed out...
Armed with an old board, some molding, some brackets, some DecoArt® decorating paste, some paint, a stencil & a little antiquing -- I was able to kill a couple birds in one swoop, so to speak...

(tried to get an angle to show the texture)

(And you thought I was joking about the ceilings/angles/walls...)

I'd like to think that now, after 9 years, I could do a better job with the newer tools & materials that are out there. But, I like the way it looks...

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