January 25, 2011

just why i've GOT to win that Silhouette!

Ok, all you lucky Silhouette owners out there! (Do I sound jealous a tad bit envious? Because I am!)  You all are making such gorgeous stuff & I n.e.e.d. would like one so very badly! I've got all kinds of glasses to be etched, walls to be vinyl-ed, subway art to be created, and boys' bare arms to be tattooed!

For Christmas, my Daddy wood-worked a sign for my spa outhouse toilet bathroom.  (I'm really not a DIVA!)

The wonder-hubs hung it over my closet door. (His reasoning: you wouldn't be able to see the sign as you enter the bathroom, because the commode door is off to the side...) And since that is a pocket door, my darling plaque would get swiped off every time one attempted to open the door to the potty.

Design * Dazzle, here is where you enter the picture.  If you pick me to be the Silhouette winner, I will be able to right this travesty make this sign so that no one goes into my closet to pee!

Thank you!

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