January 29, 2011

Also this week

I found time to "slave away" on a quick project.

While digging through the rubble that is my sewing room, I came across an ancient heart wire form. (I bought it in the mid-80s... It came as a kit that you threaded it with lace then added ribbons & dried flowers.  I think I had ummm --a little bit extreme French country decor back then...)
Didn't have to rummage too far in my stash to find the perfect fabric:

I tore strips.
I folded them in half.
I stitched a casing down the fold.
(I re-shaped the wire form to a better-looking heart...)
I strung the strips onto the form.
I fluffed. and fluffed. and fluffed.
I tied my pretty sheer ribbon.
I re-fluffed.
I hung it on the door.
You want to know my sophisticated method for door-hanging?

(shhhhh! don't tell!)

Everything old is new again. I see so many of these ruffle-y things all over, & I agree with Solomon that there is nothing new under the sun.

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