January 17, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

Emily @ Decor Chick! is having a link party to the tune of "Real Homes, Real Messes... Real Life"
The hard part was determining which mess I'm willing to post for the world to see! Should I show my boys' bedrooms? My husband's garage? The monster laundry pile which ate half my bedroom?  hmmmmmm... What about the stack of junk mail/food ads/coupons/homeschool books that occupy more than half the surface of my desk? Certainly not the tangled mass of fabric that is my sewing room!

Our office/guitar & piano studio truly needs some help! It is visible from the living room as well as the first visual to your right as you enter our home. (When our Life Group from church comes over every Wednesday evening, I turn off the monitor on my PC so the room is illuminated as little as possible...)

My pantry could use a touch of organization, as well. Son Z (leaning against the door) does a good job of cleaning it out (have you ever tried to fill up a 6'6" lineman?) and son H will frequently re-arrange my spices. (He likes them alphabetical, I like them according to usage -- which resulted in near disaster @ Christmas when I nearly dumped CUMIN into my gingerbread biscotti...)

Son A loves to read! I truly how he is oblivious to the total cataclismic devastation surrounding him. This pic is from a few years back.  I don't try to decorate their walls any more, for they love displaying their own artwork. (I just hope the hubs doesn't see the holes left by the indescriminate staple gunning...) Although son H turned 11, he still loves his stuffed animals. We gathered a huge black yard garbage bag full of animals to store, but before I could get them up to the attic, I've noticed they're trickled back to the bedroom from the garage. <>

We had one "hail" of a storm in October -- I even have some God-created messes to clean up...


  1. haha I love your son peeking out of the pantry!!!!

  2. That is too funny that your son rearranges the spices. I would hate it, but it's still cute.

  3. I strategically cropped out the mountain of laundry that ate half my room!!!

  4. The pantry photo is too funny! Rearranging the spices? Ah the downfall of a creature of habit, how long did it take you to re-rearrange them?

  5. Ha, love your photos and the part about turning off your computer monitor. Too funny. Thanks so much for linking up!!


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