June 4, 2017

Teacher Appreciation

...& the blog I forgot to post...

Last week was teacher appreciation at my son's school.
 I made these
 ('cause in case you don't remember, there's a moratorium on sending in home-baked treats...)

Now, there was a teacher who'd moved away in the middle
of the year. Two of our boys 

had him for percussion
& band the past 5.5 years; but the rest of our family loved him & his tribe, too. (A few years ago I made a quilt for his baby girl & blogged about it here.)

Well, baby girl now has a baby brother, & of course we had to make a quilt for him! Last fall I found out the nursery was to have a woodland theme, so I bought a set of appliquéd forest animals from Bunnycup Embroidery.

Next came the arduous task of finding the perfect backing fabric. None of my local shops carried something that would coordinate with the embroideries; but a shop on Etsy had some yardage I loved!
Then I heard the baby would be a "he" so I had to make sure my fabrics for the appliqués were boyish.
I had plenty of help from Duncan, who has lots of experience with quilts...
I quilted by using a double needle & "stitch-in-the-ditch" -- I like the way it turned out, for the most part.
Next big decision was what to bind with & my friend Cindy gave me the best advice, "Orange Minkee" she said.
Then all that was left was to stick it in the mail...

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