June 16, 2016

HONEYdew mojito pops

ej-mojitopopNot a being a huge fan of “mint”, I figured I would have a tough time with this month’s Improv Cooking Challenge ingredients, MINT & MELON… That is, until a friend was describing her favorite drink: Watermelon Mojito. I thought, hmmmmmmmm – I could play around with that.mintnmelon

So I did…

But then I came across a recipe for honey-lime simple syrup. And it was obvious that the mint leaves should go into that, instead of being blended with the fruit.recipecard

I love my blender! It made short work of those honeydew chunks.pouringpopsI did have some difficulty pouring directly into the molds, though (& that was before the rum!)

My two “of-age” tasters loved the popsicle!enjoy

I even made a batch without rum for the teenagers. Again, rave reviews.thumbsupExcept from me – I just do not enjoy mint & lime.notafan


But, here are some more MINT & MELON recipes developed by my friends:


  1. Oh Melody not those look GooooooD! Thank you for your kind words on the Orlando tragedy. Oh, it is so sad here! I will get pictures of the Polka Dot Flea up soon!


  2. I'm glad you participated even though you don't like mint!


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