June 13, 2016

Deets on those sweets…

We decided on four types of sweets for the graduation party: the cake, dipped Oreo®s, Pirouline® diplomas, and copycat butterfinger bonbons.

gradcake (1)Alec decided the cake flavor(s) – I had already chosen Red Velvet with custard filling, but he said no, if you’re gonna have chocolate, make it chocolate! gradcake (2)OK.

I must say, however, that he made the right choice. He picked the raspberry filling and it was all perfect! gradcake (3)WinCo bakery for the win.


dippedoreosNext graduation (should be about 2 years from now…) we will again make dipped Oreo®s, dippedoreos (8)but we won’t be using candy coating – that stuff is waaaaaaay too sweet! We’ll be dipping strictly chocolate.dippedoreos (9)


I was so thankful my Aunt Margaret came over to help me tie ribbons around these dark chocolate-filled “dipomas”.diplomas

A few years ago I pinned a recipe for homemade butterfinger candy. I never tried it until just before Christmas. For the graduation party I had this notion I would form it into perfectly round balls and then dip them into chocolate for a plate of some beautiful truffles. Not quite. But they sure were popular!butterfinger(My sis helped me dip them in the dark chocolate – I alone get credit for their beautiful shapes!)blobs

I guess I should also include the beverages in this post:piroulinediplomas (4)By far the most popular was the coffee punch. We made it with Toddy® coffee & vanilla bean ice cream -- it was delicious!

waterNext was the fruit-infused water. That’s always my favorite on a warm evening. We went with fresh blackberries & blueberries & cantalope & some purple basil.

sweetzSuch a tasty event – you should’ve been here!


Can’t leave without showing a picture of Duncan helping with clean-up after the party…20160527_221519Silly cat! Guess he loves him some decorator icing, huh? Open-mouthed smile

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