March 6, 2014

a few costumes for “The Elves & the Shoemaker”

ejapronI showed you the tailcoat I sewed for the dapper Trescott here. I also added purple ruffles to a blouse and stitched a purple ascot for his neck. The shoemaker’s apron was something I whipped together at the school just prior to dress rehearsal…
ejbaronesshatHot-gluing Madame Grotsky’s headpiece was a fun project.ejbaronessI used flower pins to add extra tucks to her dress to shorten it a bit.
DSCN9856The elves' raggy clothing I drafted based on a child’s pajama bottom pattern & various-sized tee-shirts. (Somebody needs to teach some people how to use a measuring tape! The sizes we received on costuming forms from a few parents, were, ummmmmm – OFF!)
My biggest challenge for this show was to transform Theodora a refugee into a spirit when she is accidently shot by the soldiers. I had to slightly alter the bodice to fit her slight frame. After some tucks just below the shoulder, I added a strip of velcro to close the back. (Then I needed to tack on a fluffy bow to cover the two inches of fabric that stuck out from her back!)
Theodora transforms into woodland spirit

Here’s a video of the skirt of the dress cascading from where it was hidden under her overcoat. I simply stitched little plastic curtain rings around the bottom of the bodice and correspondingly on the edge of the underskirt (there were four layers to gather up!) Opening night had a much better transformation than the one I was able to film the last show.
ejHcurtaincallOf course I have to leave you with a couple pictures of my son!
H & Miss P


  1. What fun and what a great job! I have always thought it would be so much fun to do, I am so impressed with your skills!


  2. That school is lucky to have you! What a gift you are! I'm always amazed at your inventiveness.


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