June 15, 2013

Very Berry Lemon Cake, gluten free

A couple weeks ago, a lady shared this recipe on one of my embroidery forums:berrySounded like it would taste delicious – but could I mix my magic flours to make it gluten free?

Fortunately, Sprouts had berries on sale. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to experiment with flours. Fortunately, I found this:DSCN7544I beat my four eggs then added the sour cream. After that was smooth I added 1 Tablespoon lemon extract and the contents of the cake mix. Once that was all incorporated, I stirred in 1 cup fresh blueberries by hand.DSCN7544I gotta tell you – I am a “batter-licker”. And I tried this one after I scraped it all into my coconut-oiled & rice-floured pan...!

I decided to bake the cake at the temperature prescribed by the mix, so I popped my cake into the preheated 325° oven. Therefore, it needed to bake about 45-50 minutes before my tester came out dry.DSCN7546I was positively dying, smelling that cake as it cooled.DSCN7548It was originally served to my guests with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. (No one could tell it was GF!)DSCN7557…but it was outstanding the next morning with a little fresh mango on the side.DSCN7552The texture, even two days later, was excellent. Still moist and not at all grainy.

Sooooooo, you’ll have to excuse me – it’s time for my mid-morning coffee. And I still have one slice of this heavenly cake waiting for me from the freezer…

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  1. Sharing this link on FB this morning. The pictures....oh, these pictures. Hope all my GF friends will see this!!


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