May 30, 2013

love like an ocean

DSCN7492God brings friends into our path to help us as we journey through life. One very dark year in my life He sent Miss P to shine down my walkway. The following year her husband, Mr. Ray, encountered severe illness; and we were blessed to be with them.

Fotor0530103414For three years we spent part of Spring Break with them in San Diego where the highlight of the trip was always the Floating Lab excursion.

Our last visit there we shared a condo right off the beach in Del Mar. Such a lovely time we had walking the sand and collecting shells, glass & heart-shaped pebbles.

Miss P had a birthday this month. I wanted to create something for her that would recall those wonderful days beside the water.DSCN7462I created my script using Silhouette’s program.

I cut my vinyl. (I decided to use cheap contact paper because it was just for a stencil. I should’ve bought a solid color because my cut lines are very hard to see!)DSCN7471I messed up the vinyl and discovered I needed a different font!DSCN7469I used transfer paper to get my design on the bottle. (Does anybody else hoard collect save spent gift cards for burnishing purposes?)applyI applied etching cream to the entire bottle and waited an hour before rinsing. Wasn’t happy with the results, so reapplied & waited again.DSCN7477

After I dried the bottle following the final rinse, I was ready to add our sand, pebbles, sea glass and shells.DSCN7478A lovely ribbon completes my little gift.DSCN7485


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, this is absolutely gorgeous!! So much love in this gift, Melody.

    Truly, a gift of the heart.

  2. You are so creative! Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful--thoughtful--full of love! So like "my" Melody! With love--your other mom (LS)

  4. What a beautiful gift! I love the words you chose too!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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