May 21, 2013

stitching for the stage

My first mistake was answering the phone…
(Not really – I think it was a text!) Mrs. S, the drama teacher/director at my boys’ school was asking ideas for a donkey head for Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We back-and-forthed a few different ideas; and then came my second mistake of this situation: “Is there anything else you need help with?”
On my doorstep that afternoon landed a bag of fabric, notions & patterns via my sons coming home from school.IMG_20130501_073055What needed to be sewn in less than two week’s time was eight of the corsets in four different sizes, and seven gowns.patternThe corsets needed to be finished first so that the crew could apply grommets & trim.$ROZW17JI hope the pattern-directions police never examine those pieces closely, ‘cause I stitched them all (after trial & error with the initial one) on a serger.
The greatest difficulty with both items was A)the fact that the fabric was lamé, and B)everything was cut on bias!
ARGH!DSCN7310Here’s the first one – finished & waiting by the door for my pack mule son to take to school. The good news was it fitted; so the pattern was pretty much true to size; and the rest could be cut out & sewn.DSCN7315Two & three ready to go…DSCN7327And here are the last four.programNot top billing Smile but I made it into the program!Sorry the pics are a little blurry ~
but no flash photography is allowed…DSCN7336

THE ENDIMG_20130511_065841

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