December 10, 2012

Aunt Ruth’s Kielbasa Stew

Aunt Ruth 1987I was sooooooooo excited when Kelly from View Along the Way announced a holiday heirloom recipe party! I fixed a warming & filling soup for my boys that I first encountered almost 30 years ago.DSCN5990I was a sophomore in college and I was living at home. However, my folks had moved away to Oregon for a few years. During that lonely phase of life, my aunt made sure I didn’t starve & that I spent family time with her, my cousins & uncle. The evening we decorated her tree, some extra guests popped by for dinner.  This is the meal she frugally stretched to feed us all.DSCN5991Aunt Ruth got the recipe from her mother-in-law. (Evidently it was a Danish family recipe that Gramma J wouldn’t even entrust to her own daughter…)

My guys & I found that it is a great soup for a cold evening. We sat outside by the firepit (finally cool enough for a fire…) DSCN6051and enjoyed our lit tree.DSCN6052Here’s the ingredient list for the soup:Picture2…and here’s how to make it:Picture1Here is what it looked like in the pot:DSCN5993…and this is how it looks just prior to being devoured:DSCN6001


  1. Ohmigosh. This looks SOOO delicious! My family would love it so I think I'm going to need to give it a try. :) Thank you so much for sharing and for linking up to the party today!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. Thanks for having the party, Kelly! I saw some pretty fabulous recipes over there.

      I did make a few changes to our soup that I did not note in the recipe. First, I didn't use the flour to thicken. (I try to go gluten free, & my guys really like the broth.) We also do not care for caraway seed & I didn't have thyme -- I just used smoked paprika for seasoning -- YUM!

      I do hope your family will enjoy the soup!

  2. Okay, my husband would love this. Me too. I guess beef bouillon is GF?

    1. Herb-Ox® Bouillon is gluten free. (You'd have to check labels -- I found that Knorr® Bouillon has a yeast extract from barley...)

      Actually, you wouldn't have to use it. Just season it to taste. (I guess if you had some homemade beef stock on hand you could sub that for the water in the recipe, huh?)

    2. woo hoo! Today's a good day for soup here (it's been drizzling for hours & the high's in the mid 50s...)
      I hope you & Rick enjoy every spoonful!


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