December 13, 2012

Christmas party for one

HA! I bet you clicked over to read my post on “the reason for the season” or see a “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” party.
It was a party for one – me! You see, I’ve been baking biscotti (6 different flavors!) and cookies all week. I even made some white (gasp) bread dough this morning so my sons could make focaccia bread tonight that they’ve been begging for almost a year. But, no tasty goodie tastes for me. Sad smile
When I bake gluten free, it’s usually for breakfast & I don’t have time to bake something for the guys with wheat. Sooooo, what takes forever to prepare is soon devoured (& sometimes complained about because it’s “nasty”) with none left over.
This morning, after the guys left the house (oh, except for the university one who lives in his room hunched over his laptop…) I baked a batch of donuts.
I’d baked two previous batches since I got my pan (which I ordered online & on sale through Hobby Lobby!) bakesI had pinned this recipe for Almond Flour baked donuts, and through various links & searches concluded I could use fine-shred coconut in the same fashion.
For today’s batch I had to combine finely grated coconut & almond flour. (“somebody” knocked my jar of grated coconut out of the pantry & sent shards of glass & coconut dust all over the kitchen…)

I mixed dry ingredients:

I added the remaining ingredients:wett

I put some dried cherry-cranberries in the donut pan:DSCN6097I put the batter in the pan (it’s recommended you fill only 2/3 full, but I likes ‘em plump!)DSCN6104Baked in a 350° oven for 12 minutes.DSCN6105And then I had myself a little piping-hot donut pre-Christmas party:DSCN6107DSCN6109



  1. Ahhhh, my mouth is watering. On my way over, and I have to get one of those neat pans!!!! This looks absolutely delish.

      So very simple to make; & they bake in under 15 minutes!
      Ask Santa to stick a pan or two under the tree...

  2. You totally deserve a party for yourself! Way to go! and the donuts look delish!

  3. great recipe. love your pictures. I have the same. I inherited a love for vintage dishes one depression glass from my mother.


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