November 27, 2012

Key Lime Trifle (the gluten-free way…)

I was very pleased with my Thanksgiving dessert! Evidently, so was everyone else, for this is all that was left:DSCN5755I need to work  a bit with the texture of  the cake, but the flavors worked so well together.DSCN5717
Here is what I mixed together for my “Faux Graham Cake”:fauxgrahamI’m pretty sure I tried to get too much cake into the trifle dish. Using half of the 9x13” would’ve been sufficient.DSCN5719I’m very pleased with the lime/cream cheese layer. (As previously mentioned here, we prefer our key lime pie to not have the traditional sweetened condensed milk flavor…) Our limes were ripened on the tree, so you might need to adjust your lime/honey ratio to your own taste. DSCN5661(No need to worry about the extra liquidity, for it will be absorbed by the cake.)DSCN5724Here are the ingredients I beat together:lime
Honey whipped cream is becoming a favorite at our house. DSCN4979Being “off” of processed sugar, cream tastes so sweet to me. The boys love to stuff this into scones or slather on a piece of berry pie.
I crumbled a layer of cake, spooned on the lime filling, then dolloped on the whipped cream. Repeated the entire procedure…DSCN5728
Covered it with plastic wrap & refrigerated until we served it after dinner.
Here you see it in it’s natural state: DSCN5752(empty plate & 1/2 cup of coffee…)

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  1. I'm not kidding, Melody. My mouth is watering. How far away do you live? :-) This looks incredible!! And it's beautiful, too. Love the colors.

    Your GF friend in Georgia


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