October 31, 2012

of kitchen sinks & submarines

random acts button2_thumb(this is a Random Acts of Craftiness post – promoted by Erin of His & Hers fame…)
October’s Challenge was to use Odds and Ends From the Hardware Store…  Well, I shopped but couldn’t find any ends I wished to craft with; but was pretty sure I had quite a few odds to choose from in the garage.
Yup – here’s an odd:odd
“What is it?” my oldest asked.DSCN5576
It’s a little too chunky for a bracelet…DSCN5579
it does say FOOD WASTE DISPOSERsink
(He’s studying to be an engineer, so it gave me a giggle that he didn’t know what a flange is… Guess that means he couldn’t make a living as a plumber, huh?)DSCN5582
Another of the “odds” I found in the garage was this chunk of wood leftover from a headboard upcycle project I cut off months ago. (My hoarding needs an intervention… but that’s another topic…)DSCN5585
The last of the “odds” came from my sewing/craft/junk room. These glass marbles/stones have been used in the aquarium, cement stepping stones, wind chimes, candles – you name it, I tried it there.
So, I painted the little wood piece white and then glued a few stones here & there – TA - DA! My finished project:DSCN5618
Well, when looking at the back side of the flangeDSCN5598
it reminded us of thisdownload
which is one of our favorite parts of thismmsd
whenever we are hereac
I was needing something to complete the tableaux.
(In case you were wondering, the plug is holding the picture in the frame…)DSCN5625
…and one more time from the front…DSCN5622
(because I these boys forever!)

You can catch more partiers at the craft challenge link here.


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  2. Love it! Looks like they posed right in the frame.

  3. Wow! It looks amazing! Great job!

  4. Yup, totally nautical. I am so glad that you turned this into a picture frame and not a bracelet...when I saw that first picture I was slightly frightened. Very creative! Visiting from His & Hers

    1. hahaha the bracelet picture made me giggle. :)

  5. Looka likw you are your father's daughter. Come work on his odds 'n ends!!!

  6. Wow, very creative! I would never have thought to turn it into a frame!

  7. Once again, I am seeing a project from this challenge that I never would have thought of! Very cool use of thing! (That's what I would call it.) It looks perfectly nautical with the picture in it. Thanks for linking up! :)

  8. Love your creativity!!!!!! Wow!!!! So cool.

  9. How cute! Very creative, and it looks great with that photo!


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