July 9, 2012

grown in the heart

I was privileged yesterday to attend an adoption shower. The gals who planned it & hostessed it did a beautiful job. My favorite part was not having to play those ridiculous baby shower games!
Aside from the beautiful & tasty refreshments, the planners did offer two activities. One was tables where we would be decorating blank onesies (my, my, my! -- some of those women were quite creative!) 
For the other activity, we chose a blank alphabet page to compile for the baby's first alphabet book. We drew something starting with our letter. I had "K" -- my kite was not too crafty, I must confess...)

The gift I brought was a bird mobile. I stitched 5 birdies from here, 1 large & 4 small. I assembled it with twigs trimmed from my garden a year ago. Here are a couple views:

The "L-O-V-E" hanging down from the center is adapted from the Cheri alphabet here. I love the dangling from the center of the "o"!

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