June 18, 2012

Chipotlé Tabasco Salt

Several months ago I "pinned" this recipe for Sriracha Salt. When I was at Sprouts last Friday, I bought some bulk sea salt in order to make a little of this for Fathers' Day gifts for the hubs & my daddy. 
After mixing up the Sriracha salt, I thought to myself, "Why couldn't I make some chipotlé tabasco salt?" 
I did make it, & it is delish on popcorn 
& this morning I tried it on my eggs!
Here's how I made my salt with the chipotlé sauce:

2 Tablespoons McIlhenny brand TABASCO® Chipotlé Sauce
1/2 cup sea salt

Mix well & spread a thin layer on a cookie sheet. I put it into the oven with just the light on. It dried in about a day. I ran it through the blender until it was fine enough to go through the shaker.

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