June 29, 2012

an ONLINE, HANDMADE gift exchange

I posted earlier in the month that I was excited to participate in Craftaholics Anonymous' summer gift exchange.
Linda, from Craftaholics Anonymous, set up about 650 of us into an Elfster account. We were automatically paired up with a "giftee" and a "gifter" on June 7th. We have (had) until June 30th to create & ship the item(s) to the recipient.
My giftee turned out to be Rebecca from Boise. I was able to ask her a couple anonymous questions to formulate my plan of attack:
Oh good! Maybe I'll make a coffee-something design for her kitchen since she likes food.
ugh! Not coffee...
Green, I can work with green.
hmmmmmmm -- perhaps a tea towel with cookie cutter designs & her name?
So, as I'm going through my designs I realize I don't have any suitable cookie cutter-ish files to stitch on a towel. (I had in mind those old-fashioned aluminum ones with the little green wooden handles...)
I then determined I would just appliqué her name onto the towel. In green fabric. Make that alternating green fabrics
(I modified the "Cheri" alphabet from Bunnycup Embroidery)
So I did.
I also made some microwave finger mitts to coordinate.
(I enclosed a card I made with her name, as well.)
I'm still waiting to see what I receive in the mail...

***6/30/2012 -- Saved by the buzzer! Guess what was in the mail this evening? (Guess you'll just have to "stay tuned" for that post...)

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