March 2, 2012

Vintage Handkerchiefs

When my Great Aunt Lois went to heaven a few years ago, I inherited some darling linens. There were two or three adorable aprons, several dresser scarves and a box of old hankies.
My sweet friend Ruth augmented my collection by giving me a box of accumulated hankies from her dear mother's estate. (Some of these were from all over the world; as Donna was a nurse and volunteered with her doctor husband in many foreign lands.)
Being a Hanky Hoarder has an upside. (Well, one positive is that hardly anyone ever makes a television debacle series out of it...)
Aside from using them to decorate, I also like the fact that I have instant "giftables" to embroider. (I've blogged about some of my precious hankies here, here and here.)  So when a friend's birthday occurred last month, I had just the thing.
I rifled through my stash and found a hanky with violets. (Yes, that is the flower for February...)
I need to use my smallest hoop for this monogram.
Gotta get the template traced.
The monogram's perfect spot!
OOOOPS! That won't work!
Have to adjust the monogram so the hoop can hold the fabric.
Ready to go in the machine. Oh! Need to find some lavender thread.
Purple thread?
hmmmm -- There it is.
Wait, let's try this one.
hahaha! Tricked you! It's Solar Reactive Thread.
Finished monogram indoors...
& outdoors!


  1. I love vintage hankies and have bought several at estate sales. My mother always said every lady should carry one.

    1. I've seen sooooo many at antique sales & can't believe no family feels any nostalgia for Granny's things... Oh well -- more for me & you!

  2. And I love it!!.....I have great pics and is going to be a post soon! Thank You....


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