October 17, 2010

JUNQUE! Junkie

Mr. Incredible (aka "the hubs") arises every weekday morning @ 5 a.m. to walk me. He's so not a morning person; so this is a manifestation of his sweet love, and desire to keep me & my back healthy.

A major benefit of rising & walking at this early hour is that on loose-trash-pick-up week, I hit the jackpot neighborhood piles before anyone else sees them. (Sometimes this shortens our walk so Keith can take his truck over to pick up a particularly heavy object...)

Last month I spotted this on the neighbor's pile:

When he got it home, it looked worse than I'd thought.

A quick trip to Home Depot netted me some trim pieces & some "oops" paint.

Not really happy about the way the keys did not go back in...
And I need to work on my use of black glaze.

Here it is on the dust catcher shelf in the living room.

Looks like this from the dining table:

Oh, you noticed my big blank wall?

Well, I've got plans... someday... when I've got extra cash...
(It's a quote from Martin Luther regarding music.)

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