November 9, 2010

Blankie, Bunnies & Burps

Living in the Valley, one doesn't use a lot of blankets -- unless you're a baby.  I try to create my blankies for use year-'round.  This one for Baby-to-be-"M" uses a light pink Minkee & crisp cotton floral. It isn't apparent from the photo, but the roses are highlighted with shimmery gold -- which is why her monogram is gold thread.  I made the binding from one of three pink plaids.

I love this "Wee Bunny" pattern from weewonderfuls! I've used it for many 1-year-old-birthday gifts. The bunny for "M" uses pink plaids plus the rose print.  Gotta have Minkee ears!

I figured Bunny M needed a big sister "K". (I made a toddler quite happy: she took the bunny to bed the first night...)

I embroider the face so there are no buttons or whiskers to chew off! The pom-pom tail is stitched with upholstery thread. 
I am such a fan of raggy monograms! I texture that much.

This sweet blanket stitch applique flower from Sew-N-2-U pretties-up another burp.
Ahhh -- another baby gift wrapped up...
p.s. -- I didn't forget "Mom"...

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