April 30, 2016

My 6th Blogiversary…

blogtitleSix years ago I started blogging here.4tics2003My friend Carolyn got me into it. (She’s the one in the center in light blue. We met during rehearsals (& me helping with her costuming) of our church’s Christmas Dinner Theatre in 2003.

Carolyn (or Ceekay, as she was known to her many blogging friends/followers) started blogging in 2008 while undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She also had a blog named My Journey With Teal addressing her box

My friend won her battle with that ugly cancer, achieving ultimate freedom from her war-torn body, and entered heaven in September.


I miss her.

I miss the comments she would leave on a blog post. I miss reading her blog & following her travel adventures, or her restoration of a vintage travel trailer, her beautiful tablescapes… the list goes on.  Carolyn inspired me in so many ways – I guess that’s why I’ve let my blog lapse a little.

So, I’ve set a goal of becoming more faithful to blog my story. We’ll see if I survive the upcoming graduation & party in May – STAY TUNED!!

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