June 18, 2015

Philly Rolls

EJ-fishavocadoThe ingredients Lesa chose for this month’s #ImprovCookingChallenge were FISH & AVOCADO. We so that combination in this house! Avocados figure into our summer grilling lifestyle quite often. I think the first time I posted a recipe with that combo was two years ago here. (Well, I guess I did have a picture of shrimp & avocado here too, but the recipe was for the salsa…)

Anyhow -- back to the present: I decided this month not to go “south of the border” but to recreate an “Asian” recipe I love from one of our favorite sushi places.

The Philadelphia Roll!

I have a “thing” about raw fish, so am reluctant to be too adventurous when ordering sushi. The smoked salmon in this California roll helps bridge the gap… EJ-fishavocado (1)(…and the cream cheese & cucumber don’t hurt, either!)
Here are the ingredients:EJ-fishavocado (2)Nori sheets, prepared rice, 4 oz. smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, green onion & sesame seeds. (Have everything sliced thin & ready for assembly.)
Since this is my second attempt at it, I am not an expert sushi roller!
EJ-fishavocado (3)(…can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?!?)
Unfortunately, I wished to include too many flavors in our roll, EJ-fishavocado (7)
so it turned out a little plump-looking…EJ-fishavocado (4)
A little roll through some sesame seeds & it’s ready for slicing.EJ-fishavocado (5)
Plated with a tiny bit of wasabi, ginger & spicy mayo -- dinner is served!EJ-fishavocado (11)
I could eat these forever!EJ-fishavocado (14)

(The recipe for sushi rice came from Alton Brown.)

Make sure you check out what my friends made with their fish & avocado ingredients: 


  1. Bravo, on the sushi rolls!!! I have never been so adventurous as to try them. Smoked salmon is certainly delish and a great option to raw fish

    1. Because of the trouble rolling it all up, I almost tried this idea:

  2. Wow! That looks great, I am so with you, smoked salmon is the closest I will get to raw fish


  3. I love this, Melody! I also can't do raw fish, so I've got to try your smoked salmon version. Thanks for joining us again this month!


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