June 19, 2014

Roasted Raspberry Chipotlé Sauce Stuffed Jalapeños

It’s that Improv time of the month, again! Kristen challenged us to use berries and cream in creative ways. I so wished to make yet another gluten-free dessert, but that would’ve probably been too self-serving… Winking smile

Fischer & WieserAbout ten years ago our family encountered this incredible sauce at a tasting booth in Costco. We immediately bought it & used it on everything we grilled! raspIt soon became our favorite appetizer iconically poured over a block of cream cheese & served with crackers. And this combo, dear friends, became my inspiration for today’s challenge.ejroastedraspI made the sauce a day prior to using it in my jalapeño peppers. ejroastedraspsPretty sure my tummy was growling the entire time it was roasting in the oven! ejroastraspovenThe remaining ingredients ejroastedrasp (14)were stirred in. ejroastedrasp (17)It was given time to cool downejroastedrasp (18) and then it thickened quite nicely in the fridge.ejroastedrasp (27)ejroastrasprecipe

The hubs got a lovely jalapeño roaster for Father’s Day, but it didn’t quite fit the bill…ejjalapopsI had the brilliant idea to use my corn stick pans, and those peppers seemed to be quite happy to be roasting there!ejroastjala

The ingredients for the filling stirred together quickly. ejalafill(Since the jalapeños wouldn’t be left whole for roasting, I used a spoon instead of pastry bag to fill…)ejalafilledI read somewhere that any filled jalapeño is a “popper” whether you bread it, fry it, roast or grill it.ejroastedrasp (46)

These made for a delicious dinner -- especially when wrapped in a warm corn tortilla.ejroastedrasp (56)

ejpopperecipePlease check these berries and cream recipes from my friends:


  1. This is an impressive dish. I am sure everyone loves it. What a great way to use the theme.

  2. I had a chipotle raspberry sauce once and couldn't ever find it again, but I am ashamed to admit that it never even crossed my mind to try and make it myself. I think I'll be remedying that error. Yours looks absolutely delicious! I love how you used it with the poppers too. Genius.

  3. I love raspberry and chipotle, but haven't tried them together. I will have to try your recipe for the sauce since we are members of Sam's instead of Costco! Great job going savory this month!

  4. Oh my gosh! That looks absolutely fabulous...I bet it has quite a zip to it in the peppers!



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