November 21, 2013

Orange Cardamom Compound Butter

I’ve been watching all those “Chopped” Thanksgiving episodes to see if someone pulls oranges & cardamom out of their basket… Not having much luck with The Food Channel’s offerings, I decided to try my hand at something simple with this month’s Improv Challenge’s ingredients chosen by Kristen: cardamom and orange.ej-co-4treeI’m thankful there’s a lovely orange tree in our back yard; but I did have to go to the Asian market to find my cardamom.ej-co-5orangI “loosely” followed compound butter recipes I found all over the web. For my taste, however, next time I’ll use less cardamom, a little more honey and add smoked paprika, I think. Here’s what I made:
  • 1 lb. butter, room temperature
  • 2 t. fresh-ground cardamom
  • 2 T. orange zest
  • 2 T. fresh orange juice
  • 2 T. honey
Beat all ingredients until well blended. Transfer to plastic wrap, roll into “log” and refrigerate. Here’s my story in pictures:ej-co-1butterej-co-2spiceej-co-3groundej-co-6zestej-co-7juiceej-co-8whipej-co-9logej-co-11chicksej-co-10slicedI stuffed the skin of two chickens. ej-co-12trussThey were roasted at 425° for 60 minutes.ej-co-16roastedI also made a pilaf utilizing the compounded butter.ej-co-13pilaf
ej-co-14pilafhotej-co-15pservedej-co-17theendShort work was made of the hens…


  1. I love flavored butters. This was a brilliant use of the month's theme ingredients. I can think of so many ways that butter can be used!

  2. Your butter looks delicious! And that rice sounds amazing too. I love how you used the butter in the rice. Yum!

  3. Oooo! I'm adding this to my Thanksgiving menu. I think it will go great with the rolls.

  4. Love flavored butters- genius idea of how to use it!

  5. This is absolutely lovely! I have never made compound butter before and I definitely want to make this. Beautiful!

  6. Melody, can you send me more detailed instructions on how you made the rice? Did you cook it on the stove or bake it? I would love to make it next week. Thanks!


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