March 11, 2013

Did you get your invitation

to the Dress Form Ball?gownMillie (thoroughly modern…) received hers the first week in January.dfbShe usually graces the wedding shrine in our bedroom; but lately she’s been out on the town, modeling costumes. modelIn fact, she was so busy with a Cinderella production until the end of February,Picture1I didn’t know if she’d be able to make it to the ball! That was when Miss Dorothy decided to crash the party.DSCN6945Now, Miss Dorothy is not what she appears to be. (I found her at the suggestion of our hostess, Carol, right here.) Dorothy is quite shallow & perhaps a little flat, as well.dorothyBut, like Cinderella, she so wished to be at a party, so Miss Dorothy checked herself in the mirror,likedonned a pretty necklace & some lace and beguiled some Fellowe to take her to the ball.

(such an adorable chauffer!)

Here she is, posing with Millie:poseNow, go check out some other lovelies at the party…


  1. Oh goodness when miss Dorothy and Millie arrived here at the ball they caused quite a stir! Of course miss Dorothy's dance card filled up right away...Surprise! The other guest were all gathered around Millie to talk about her gorgeous dress!!! I am so glad your girls could make it to the ball and I promise to return them safe and sound!!


  2. Miss Dorothy is looking glitzy dressed up in her best lingerie. I hope she's having a fabulous time:-)

  3. What a great post! Loved meeting both Millie and Dorothy, and I got a kick out of Cinderella's coach and driver!.. Both girls looked lovely in the best lace; and it was very nice meeting you, Melody, via The Dress Form Ball today! ~tina

  4. fun post! both look fabulous for the Ball!

  5. This is so much fun. I adore your ladies and they are lovely. Dancing the night away...

  6. Millie and Miss Dorothy arrived to the ball in high style!!

  7. Miss Dorothy is darling! I know she will enjoy the ball. Looking fabulous!

    Coming over from the Polka Dot Closet.


  8. Millie and Dorothy are just divine! Enjoyed meeting them at the Ball!


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