January 10, 2013

the one about a new plate on my shelf…

I love my Aunt Margaret! margI know I have mentioned her before. She loves people and has such a genuine concern for their eternal destination. I remember as a very young girl seeing her off on a train soon after she graduated from nurses training. She was setting out to meet a boat to take her to the other side of the world where she would serve as a missionary nurse in the heart of Africa. Eventually she “retired” from there and landed in Portugal to share her Lord with college students. Years later she “retired” again, but is living & serving her Savior in the city where we live. She is faithful with her choir and other church organizations. And she’s been led be a compassionate counselor of young women seeking assistance at a crisis pregnancy center.

OK! All that set-up to talk about me! Or rather, one of the Christmas gifts she gave to me this year.100_0004 (2)You know my love for all things cobalt.platesYou’ve seen many of my plates.shelfAnd I’m sure I’ve shared my “shelf from around the world” with you before…

I had space for one more, I guess.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I love it.DSCN6468It’s from her.DSCN6472It’s from Portugal.DSCN6479It has a special place on my shelf & in my heart. DSCN6480

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