June 15, 2010

I lied!

I did do some fabric crafting for the wedding, but they were kind of "afterthoughts."

My friend's youngest son got married, so I monogrammed a hankie for her.
I embroidered a bookmark/ornament with the date.

So -- here are the non-thread-involved (& much more time-consuming) aspects to my gifts: 
I bought a cake box from Party City & splatter painted it with black, cobalt (her wedding color) & silver.  Tulle ribbon & a satin rose complete the exterior. (I did handcraft the card -- but neglected to get pics, due to time...)  I used tissue paper in black, blue & silver to protect the gifts.

The first project I completed was a framed poem.  I used a picture from the couple's engagement day for the background of the poem by Philip Sidney.  The frame was a plain old every day blond wood thing. After several coats of paint, culminating in a silver top-coat; the frame was ready for application of silver leaf.  I love that stuff! I wanted a modern sophisticated -- yet antique look...

Last (& most labor-intensive) were the monogrammed blocks.  Would make a few changes to the process next time I attempt, but I'm pleased with how they turned out.  Now I'm going to make a set for moi!

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