June 14, 2018

A Crafty Interruption...

I realize I was in the middle of telling you the story about our May parties, but I'm going to show you a quick couple of #Silhouettemakes that I was able to squeeze in:

First up are the arrow signs my dad & I cut out of scrap wood. (These were for routing the grad party traffic to the back yard...)

My parents' anniversary was a few days later, so I made this for their entryway:

While visiting the shop a couple weeks ago, I saw that Bob had acquired a bunch of skeleton keys.

I knew my anniversary card for Keith was going to need to utilize one of those! So the next time I worked, I had to buy one...

(...of course, the back says some mushy nonsense about the key to my heart & all that jazz...)

Nothing gives me more joy than making our 18-year-old squirm by utilizing (proper context, too...) the words "woke" & "lit". He rolls his eyes & says, "Mom, just stop."
So you know he loved this shirt I made for my daddy's Father's Day gift:

Even after I added this important part, he just shook his head & walked away...

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