October 6, 2017

Fallin' for low carb

When your friend asks if you want a bunch of apples; you say, "Yes."

When the apples ask for a nice, warm place with cinnamon sticks, fresh-grated nutmeg & a dash of cloves; you say, "But of course!"

When the apples have gotten all cozy and made a trip through the blender; they'll want you to help them into a jar...

When breakfast calls for no carbs; you make cream cheese waffles.

But when breakfast says, "How 'bout a tiny bit of sweet?"

You say, "I thought you'd never ask!"

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  1. Yes Please!!!You make breakfast look so good and sooo tasty.

    1. Oh my! Those cream cheese waffles are the best! It's my 2 eggs & 2 oz cream cheese in each. Perfect for a meat & cheese wrap @ lunch, too...


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