March 28, 2015

Spring has sprung… (pt.1)

Many years ago my dear MIL had a miniature Christmas tree delivered to my door. (It was long before blogs/pictures, so you’ll have to imagine it…) Here’s how that 2-foot tree looks now:DSCN2150Anyhow -- the tree was covered in tiny nests with tiny eggs & lots of birds. Being the hoarder I am, those were saved.DSCN2062But then along came a certain black kittyDSCN2069who dearly s to watch & “play” with birdies.DSCN2064“Who, sir? Me, sir? Couldn’t be, sir.”DSCN2070So I boxed up the surviving birds & nests to give to my craftiest niece.  Well, I saved one nest & a bird couple.

Because I know just where they belong…

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