February 18, 2015

Marquee lights obsession

I loves me some marquee lights!

Even more than marquee lights, I’ve got a thing for &.

(Yes, I have started a slight ampersand collection…)

I decided I needed a remote-controlled, battery-operated marquee ampersand above my kitchen cupboards. (Didn’t want wires or plugs showing & being 12+ feet from the floor, the ability to turn on remotely was a must.)

Couldn’t find one. Even if I found one, I’m sure that would be more $$ than I could justify spending.

So, I bought a papier-mâché one from my favorite Joann store.

I carefully removed the top with a craft knife.

…and it sat like that for months while I looked for components to complete my project!

After I decided on my lights, it was time to paint. I wanted my & to look weathered & rusty. I used Mod Podge to give it a sheen as if it were painted metal.ElisabethJean marquee ampersand (2) I used white tape to bundle the little lights by twos, and small ornaments for the “globes”.ElisabethJean marquee ampersand (8)

ElisabethJean marquee ampersand (6)I love the way it looks when lit.ElisabethJean marquee ampersand (18)

Unfortunately, I found a replacement & while waiting for this project to be complete…ElisabethJean marquee ampersand (10)


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