November 20, 2014

phone phun

Because the mister is involved with IT all day/every day; well let’s just say his condition is terminal & contagious! 'puterboysHe makes sure we are connected…connectedAdmittedly, we are a family of technerds.
Last month our mobile contract was up & 3 of our phones were eligible for free upgrade. So, now 3 of us have the exact same phone. ejcowphone4Well, except mine is white.ejcowphone3Which is great, except the OtterBox® cases are all three black.ejcowphone7Well not anymore! Thanks to masking tape, white spray paint & a good coat of Mod Podge® mine stands out a little.ejcowphone5In fact, the guys make sure they’re not caught dead with my phone…ejcowphone6But here’s the best part:

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  1. Genious!!! Love the cow print. Hello Kitty does the same for me with my CR-V. They don't want to be seen in it.


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