February 8, 2013

his birthday baklava

We celebrated our oldest son turning nineteen last month. He chose homemade pizza for dinner (we had 5 guests…) and wanted baklava for dessert.DSCN6514The pizza was special, because we haven’t made that in forever – since I embarked on this gluten-freeness that is no fun for family celebrations!

The baklava was my labor of love, as anyone who has ever made it will attest!DSCN6500I bought my dough at a local grocery. chocalWe decided to make it a chocolate almond baklava.DSCN6501I used coconut oil instead of butter between the layers of pastry.DSCN6505I also added finely shredded unsweetened coconut to the filling mixture.afillThe almonds were toasted then slightly chopped before their addition to the mixing bowl. I didn’t use much sugar in the filling because of how sweet the syrup will make it when it’s done. I sprinkled a portion of the filling every 3rd or 4th layer.DSCN6509Look at the precision on those diamond cuts!  GAH!DSCN6512Filling turned out a bit “fudgy” – yum!

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