November 29, 2011

back to work...

The boys' Cita (Aunt Cynthia) & Uncle Chris & cousins were visiting over Thanksgiving. For her I embroidered a flour sack towel to commemorate our dinner.
"Ready for Harvest" design by Urban Threads
Because, at this house we don't do nasty sicky-sweet disgusting sweet potatoes with brown sugar & mini marshmallows! We chop root vegetables and roast them with rosemary oil. You would not believe how delicious they are -- all browned & caramelized from their natural sugars. . .
And yes, I did make my own rosemary oil (gots to do sumthin' with that rosemary bush growing in my garden!)

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  1. Okay, NOW you made me hungry. Good idea with the rosemary bush too.


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