August 9, 2011


OK -- just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been crafting...

We've had quite the busy time, past few weeks...

I have 3 boys at 3 different schools this year. Two of them started classes last week. (The third goes off to JR/SR Camp tomorrow for three days;  then will begin his school next week.)

Well,I think I deserve some sort of "super-taxi-mom" award for this afternoon! I had to take #1son with me to #2son's school to pick up #2 @ 3:00 & to wait for #3son's shuttle to drop him @ 3:05 so we could get away to drop #1 off at his school for football practice @ 3:15 in order to get to #3's school by 3:30 for #3's football meeting. Then bring #2 & #3 home for dinner so I can go with the hubs to #1's school for a football parent meeting...

This past weekend I attended a bridal shower for a special gal. I made her a set of ornaments. They are toile "12 Days of Christmas" I got from Embroidery Library years ago.
5 Golden Rings!
...and a Partridge in a Pear tree.
I stitched them on a slightly shimmery golden-ish fabric & backed the ornament with vintage golden velvet.
I embroidered them with a dark red thread, then matched up a tassel. I sewed in a gold loop for hanging & embellished that with a little knot of ribbon. 
Waiting to be stitched closed. (Ones on right still need to be stuffed...)
Wanted a pic with some greenery, but all my piney stuff is stored in the attic...

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